Monday, September 25

Ange Gardien Primary School remains committed to educating children

At the end of the school year, the children showed excellence in their studies, which took place in the new school site where the children will start the school year 2023-2024, where there are six schools and two offices.

Foster parents at the Ange Gardien school in Karama in Nyarugenge district, are now allowed to receive children from different parts of Kigali because they have vehicles that will take the children to and from school.

The parents praised the way their children showed their skills in the given subjects and also gave the lesson that their teachers teach them and teach their peers, which made those who have children say that they will not leave because they are now going to start learning in new schools, but it is expected that primary schools will be the ones that will go there. the new location as those in Gardien schools will continue where they are already studying.

They are closing the year with the Mass held at the new building of Ange Gardien School and because they have many projects for this school, it is expected that the school will be upgraded to include secondary schools.

In order to accommodate the restless parents, they have started to register their children and the seats are available in all schools, only those who have to start the first year of primary school must have studied in international schools.

Madam Director NSIMIRE Bagalwa Angeline 0785773341 says that the places are still available but the enrollment continues to increase and therefore, as we mentioned above, those who live in other parts of the city of Kigali are the ones who are asking for places in Ange Gardien school

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