The domain name RW icon has been used by more than 6,500 people in Rwanda

RICTA is a non-profit organization that was established in 2005 and has the responsibility of protecting and maintaining the name Akadomo RW, but from that year until 2012 it was able to start its work to protect domain name RW, because it was held in charge by a Belgian living in that country .

RICTA (Rwanda Internet Community and Technology Alliance) has so far reached 6,500 users of domain name RW, including government, private and some private organizations and those working in Rwanda.

RICTA Director General Madam Grace Ingabire began by thanking the participants of the meeting who had invited her, and encouraged the owners of companies and various organizations working in Rwanda to use the RW Dot so that the safety of what they do can be assured.

We want more companies to use domain name COM, ORG or even NET, all of these companies operating in Rwanda are more than 5,000, so we request that all of them use domain name RW as we usually promote what is done in our country in Rwanda in the field of made in Rwanda, and be We would like to exceed those thousands and go to other companies that use Gmail and Yahoo and use its name on the Internet“. As she says

She went on to say that the benefits of using RW are benefits for Rwanda and you are working in Rwanda, except that there are those who have already known its benefits and are working abroad and using RW, so we would like to reach more of the world using it and join as we have invited you to do so.

Kimenyi Ivan from domain name RW started by saying that until now, even though they took RW, they were the ones that were shared regardless, because if you go through COM, it will take you to RW, or if you go through RW, it will also take you to COM, only using RW is valuable because now if there is a problem we just tell them and they fix it right away, when we were using COM it took days and we called out sometimes and they missed it.

Using domain name RW makes it easier for them to protect their security, another is to show their business quickly in Rwanda, all the information we need will be available on time and at no cost to us. Another is security for what we put on our websites because they are visited by different people all over the world“. He says

Therefore, people who will not participate in using the Dot RW may be punished because now the Government has put efforts to ensure that what is done in our country is valued, that is why RURA and RICTA are still encouraging Rwandans and those working in Rwanda to participate in using RW.

Karamuzi James, an employee at the Ministry of Technology and Innovation, says that most people know that Akadomo RW does not go beyond the borders of Rwanda, that it operates only in Rwanda, and to sell your business using RW, people should trust you because they know that it comes from Rwanda.

If Rwanda is known and its things are known, then we are progressing, so far domain name RW sells 12,000 per year, when we have more than 5,000 Rwandans who use other names other than RW, such as COM, you understand that there is bankruptcy because those who use RW, something will happen. enters the country”. He says

Some of those who attended the meeting requested that RICTA should continue to campaign, so that apart from Rwandans who use RW and international organizations working in Rwanda, they also join RW and during Rwanda day they should also be the first to explain to Rwandans who live outside of Rwanda. use and marketing of Dot RW.

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